Okayplayer premieres "Black Man In America"

It’s been a minute since my last release, it’s been a crazy year and a crazy time for me personally, but I’m more focused and more determined than ever to start a musical revolution.

We’re all in this thing together so I’m not going to be able to do it without your help.

It’s time for us to reach out to each other and use what we do as individuals to collectively make the world take a closer look in the mirror and realize we’re headed in the wrong direction,

We need to fully engage in this conversation of police brutality and injustice. For those who are not living a comfortable life, life is rough but there is light and we gotta work for it. That’s what this music is all about. If you’re down for a revolution I need you to spread this track, make it an anthem, make it go viral and together we can be the light, we can change the direction, we can gain and give the respect we have lost through these past few decades… 
The time is now,

Thank you,

Andre Cymone