a thank you

I really wanted to say thank you to the beautiful people who came from literally all over the world to stand with us, party with us, jam with us and love with us as we tried to say goodbye to our friend and brother. As most of you know for many years he was my best friend and it’s really hard to say goodbye to a best friend… I guess when your best friend wrote such beautiful, timeless and amazing music, the best way to celebrate him and his spirit is to share his music, melodies and the words that he left behind with the people of his hometown who love him and the many many fans from all around the world, It’s impossible for anyone to really know but, I think he would like that…
Thanks to the crew who simply went above and beyond to make the show look and sound amazing. Thanks to First Avenue for supporting us Minneapolis artists through the years. Thanks to The Revolution for inviting me to participate. Thanks to Bobby Z for not letting me say NO…. But most of all thanks to all of you who took the time and spent your hard earned money to help us heal and try to in his words “get through this thing called life.