Black Man In America (lyrics)

No Justice 

No Peace

No Justice 

No Peace


One people world

two sides of life

one in hell 

one paradise

that’s waiting’ for you

in the promised land…


Brothers gettin’ shot 

no hesitation

a way of life for a generation

yes its all true

you don’t understand… 


Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep

and if I should die before I wake 

I pray the Lord my soul to take…


We been strugglin’ 50 years

sacrifice through blood and tears

just trying’ to break through 

to this here promised land…


You don’t know what its like 

to be a Black Man 

in America…


Protect and Serve don’t apply

if you ain’t white 

then you’re born to die

you know they used to hang you

right where you stand…


History Hollywood

image of the Black Man 

ain’t no good

that’s how they $ell you

it’s they masterplan…


I cross the street 

you lock your door

clutch your purse

and then pray the Lord

won’t let me see you.

What did I do wrong?


Try to get a job 

on the application

when you check “Black”

for the information 

they don’t call you


Hey Hey…


You don’t know what its like 

to be a Black Man

in America…


No Justice 

No Peace 

No Justice 

No Peace